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Exclusive Services

Veecos Canteen Equipments has been a professional kitchen equipment manufacturers since 1998, We provides customers with nearly all the services required for the hospitality industry such as Design and Planning the kitchen, Customized manufacturing of kitchen equipments, Installation and  Commissioning of the kitchen and After sales support of the products.

Design and Planning

VCE has a highly experienced team that will assist customers in gaining access to the kitchen in accordance with their needs. We design the layout so that the chefs can simply access and maintain the items. Another important benefit of having a well-planned kitchen is space management, which allows small restaurants to operate a kitchen efficiently in a limited space.


Customized manufacturing

VCE's high-precision CNC technology, operated by engineers with 15+ years of fabrication experience, allows us to adapt to any size kitchen and designed and constructed with that size in mind, enabling us to integrate more equipment into less space.


Installation and Commissioning

VCE also assists clients with on-site installation and commissioning of equipment as specified in the design, decreasing the amount of time they must devote to their kitchen installation. We also inspect every piece of equipment on-site to ensure that the products are in good working order and that the customer is satisfied.



Because customer happiness is a priority at VCE, we offer after-sales services to our clients throughout India.


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